Whilst the Hungry In Cornwall blog has ceased to exist as a ‘weblog’ as such – being as I have not updated it now for many many moons – it still, unless the statistics provided by WordPress lie to me, serves the purpose as a source of irreverent and rambling reviews on a selection of Cornish food spots.

So a big hello to all of you who have stumbled across the blog thanks to our good friend Google.

As a final sign off or sorts – I would like to tell you about my most recent online adventure, but first some context:-

Where I was once hungry in Cornwall, I have made the traitorous move across the Tamar bridge and am now hungry in Devon. To be more precise – Exeter.

After living in and enjoying the many excellent restaurants, cafes and things to do in Devon capital – I decided to start up a new repository for my food based ramblings – The Exeter Review.


So if you are planning on visiting, and need information on cafes in Exeter, restaurants in Exeter or even, for those of you with a taste for good quality beer – pubs in Exeter – then check out the Exeter Review. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.