Sorry…..One second…My apologies. The following may seem a little disjointed but do forgive me – As I write this post on my ivory clad smart phone, gripped tightly in my right hand, I am using my left hand to moor my diamond encrusted sailboat to the dock of a small yet perfectly formed Caribbean island – the 3G signal here is average at best so bear with me. What I am really trying to say is I am busy. Busy living the life of a trans-continental playboy. Such is the pace and variety of my jet setting lifestyle (have I mentioned this before?) I have precious little time to go into the minutiae  of every bloody meal that I have eaten in Cornwall (the last time I was there was roughly ten days before my holiday with Gisele in Monaco, and mere hours after my getting kicked out of the Tiger Tiger nightclub with Joey Barton) but for the sake of a few hastily bashed out letters on my iphone (did I mention it was ivory clad?) I may as well give you the lowdown on my number one breakfast stop-off when I am at home in Cornwall.

So where was I? Yes. As I mentioned I was recently on my yacht (in a car), moored on the dock of a Caribbean Island (parked by Gyllyngvase Beach in Falmouth) and ready to live the life of an international playboy (quite tired after falling asleep on the sofa watching Home Alone 2 the night before but ready for some breakfast.) So for the most important meal of the day, me and the enigmatic Miss C went here…

Gylly Beach Cafe Falmouth Gyllyngvase Cornwall

Certainly not the fairest day to ever grace the shores of Cornwall, but passable – i.e. not raining – and certainly not gloomy enough to dampen my spirits when it comes to GOING FOR BREAKFAST!!!!!

Why did you put GOING FOR BREAKFAST in capitals you might ask. Why did you prefix that statement with 5 exclamation marks? Well, for the simple reason that like ivory clad smart phones, diamond encrusted yachts and Joey Barton, GOING FOR BREAKFAST is for me one of life’s big extravagances, something that you know is wrong, excessive, overpriced and ultimately unnecessary – but can still make your heart fill up with a warmth and happiness that is rarely emulated and set you up to accomplish pretty much whatever you please in the day to come.

Can I make a suggestion. If you, like me, feel that GOING FOR BREAKFAST is a slightly excessive yet definitely necessary extravagance (and live in the Falmouth area), get yourselves down to the Gylly Beach Cafe of a morning and sample their American style pancakes with streaky bacon and maple syrup – the main protagonist of this post and for the last few month, my life – so as to ensure that this display of wanton excess is focused on a truly delicious breakfast.

So Gylly Beach Cafe? Yeah, its really nice. Packed to its trendily renovated rafters on a Sunday with young couples + small baby, or young couple + small dog, but still usually with enough chairs and benches inside and out to not leave you unseated for too long. Amusingly it seems the management of the Gylly Beach Cafe have perfected the art of hiring only young, attractive members of staff, each sporting identical haircuts and chins of designer stubble  (female and male waiters respectively) but to be fair they are attentive and good at what they do (and I would imagine you have to be as in the Summer the cafe is rammed.)

What I particularly like about the Gylly Beach Cafe is the outdoor seating area.

Gylly Beach Cafe Falmouth Gyllyngvase Beach

Which for a smoker like me (the finest cuban cigars of course) is a godsend as with the retractable roof to protect against rain and a high glass wall to protect against the sea breeze it is as close as is possible (and legal probably) to the days before the national banishment of smokers to the outdoors, and ranks highly against the ‘standing on a pavement in the rain’ facilities that a lot of pubs/cafes/bars offer. They also score points by providing fleece blankets which I can wrap around both my legs and shoulders in the style of a pensioner; a welcome relief I don’t mind telling you as it does get cold out there, especially in November…

Gylly Beach Cafe Falmouth Gyllyngvase Cornwall

Miss C was wrapped up warm and positively drooling at the prospect of a tasty breakfast (drool just out of shot.)

Whilst we awaited the food, I amused Miss C by playing with the cutlery holder as if it was a boat. She is easily amused.

Gylly Beach Cafe Falmouth Gyllyngvase Cornwall

“Honk Hoooonnnkk, here comes the HMS Hungry ready to launch torpedos, ACTION STATIONS, ACTION STATIONS….Oh yes Hi, the pancakes are mine. Thanks very much. No, thats everything thank you. Cheers.”

Gylly Beach Cafe Falmouth Gyllyngvase Cornwall

And here it is, the object of my desire, my number one food crush, the beautiful coming together of sweet and savoury that is Pancakes, bacon and maple syrup. Granted, not necessarily the most aesthetically pleasing dish in the world (not made any better by the fact that Miss C had dived in to retrieve her half before I had even the chance to turn my camera on. We were sharing. I regret that now) but it has got to be my favorite flavour combo. I have always had a thing for sweet/salty flavour combinations, a love that began in my primary school days when my lunchbox would usually contain a kit kat (two sticks) and a packet of hula hoops (ready salted) which I would eat thus – one stick of kit kat, followed by half the hula hoops, the second stick of kit kat, ending with the remaining half of the hula hoops. Even at such a young age my tastebuds danced the dance of life at the beautiful contrast and since those days I have strived to recreate that marriage of salty and sweet, until I had a chance encounter with some streaky bacon, some American style pancakes and sweet sweet maple syrup, and my search was complete.

And you can get this dish wrong, believe me. I will order it pretty much wherever I go if its on and you would be amazed how often I see  people balls it up. Gylly Beach cafe gets it right, as it does with a lot of what it does. Across the board for breakfast the options are attractive. Such as the sausage and egg sandwich..

Gylly Beach Cafe Falmouth Gyllyngvase Cornwall

Simple food done well, with great quality local ingredients – which sums up the cafe well. Go later in the day and sample the Gylly burger, with a couple of pints and a beautiful view of Gyllyngvase beach and you will not be disappointed. Thoroughly recommended.

Gylly Beach Cafe – Cliff Road, Falmouth TR11 4PA 01326 312 884