Wow – has it really been two weeks since we last spoke? How the time flies. How the time has flown, flying by without me even considering updating my beloved food blog – such is the pace and variety of my jetsetting lifestyle.

Ok…That is a massive lie. A lie so big that you could ________ and______ with it (insert Blackadder-esque hyperbolic yet hilarious description of how big this lie is in the spaces provided thanks.)

The real reason that I have neglected this blog for so long, neglected like a __________ that has been _________ since birth (sorry – I should really try and write my own jokes) is that I have been scared. In all honesty I have been ‘thinking’ about writing this post almost daily, but have put it off because sadly – I had a meal that I did not enjoy.

As a precursor to this post I would like to say that although my aim has and always will be honesty on HIC, there are limits. This generally means that if I suspect that a restaurant I am to be eating at is either going to be uninspiring or unenjoyable, I will leave my camera at home and visit the restaurant simply as a customer – instead of as a customer who would like to think of himself as a ‘food blogger’ and is planning on leaving with at least a vaguely formed opinion. Simply put – I never go out with the intention of writing a bad review, because I won’t visit somewhere I think I wont like, because I am not a masochist. Ok?

Right – disclaimer (of sorts) complete.

Lets get this started with a picture of two of my favourite things – a lovely beer and a lovely lady (classy? me?). Schneider Weisse and the mysterious Miss C respectively. Blonde, delicious and expensive. The beer wasn’t bad either (fnar fnar.)

Can you tell I am stalling? Ok – so. Right. Ok. Lets go.

As I mentioned earlier it has been a couple of weeks since my last post, which is roughly when this jaunt into Falmouth for a meal with the enigmatic Miss C took place, so I will do my best to piece together my memories of the evening.

After my intial plans to visit The French Bistro in Truro were scuppered at the last minute by a certain someone, a scan of Trip Advisor was in order. Now I am not nessecarily the biggest fan of trip-advisor, but as a quick way to find somewhere to eat it serves a purpose. I would be far more inclined to visit a restaurant on the basis of one good review from a person that I know, than one hundred reviews from people whose mental capacity I cannot vouch for – but saying that The Wheelhouse is ranked #1 for Falmouth restaurants, so I guess its accuracy cant be far wrong.

So on the advice of Trip Advisor, I decided to plump for Falmouth’s 8th highest rated restaurant – The Hut.

The Hut, Falmouth, restaurants in Cornwall

To be honest I had never noticed it before, although in a past life as an often inebriated student I spent many a night sat on the steps next to it, whilst attending Falmouth’s (ex) number 1 nightclub. A drinking and dancing venue supreme – it is safe to say that the dingy basement club, with sweat dripping from the ceiling, will be sorely missed. Ladies and gentleman – Shades (pronounced sha-days,)

Now I am generally not a fan of ‘underground’ restaurants and if I had a choice I would go for a restaurant with windows, but The Hut actually has quite a nice feel to it, if a little dimly lit. The service was also very good, something that was backed up by the arrival of this small plate…

The Hut, Falmouth, restaurants in Cornwall

…of little toasted bread discs, pesto and a tomato-y sauce. I am a stickler for any free food – which anyone who has seen me attack a complimentary basket of bread of an evening will attest to – and I thought this dish was a nice touch, putting me in an optimistic mood for the rest of the meal.

From here we went on to order the fishcakes as a starter to share.

The Hut, Falmouth, restaurants in Cornwall

Sorry about the awful photo by the way. My camera struggles at the best of times, but in the low light of The Hut’s corner table I might as well have drawn you a picture for a more useful visual aid. So yes, the fishcakes were fine, nothing particularly to right home (or blog) about, but then if you can’t do fishcakes then I would probably say don’t even bother. The fishcakes were then followed by a main of Falmouth bay scallops and red mullet.

The Hut, Falmouth, restaurants in Cornwall

If we were playing word association and I was asked to quickly pick a word relating to this dish, it would undoubtedly be – uninspiring. Four or five scallops paired up with three rather small looking bits of red mullet, on a hodge podge of spinach and bits, with no hint at all (in terms of flavour) of the smokey bacon pieces promised on the menu. No particular flavours of interest leapt out at me – frankly I would say it is dish that could have worked, nay should have worked, but for me did not. Nice – yes. Great – probably not. £16 well spent – no.

In all honesty, although for some strange reason I have hyped this up as a bad review, I would say that other than this dish The Hut does what it does pretty well. The problem for me is that if I am spending over £50 on a meal for two (1 starter, 2 mains, 1 desert and a bottle of wine), thanks to some of the new breed of ‘better’ Cornish restaurants, I now have higher expectations of what I should be getting for 50 notes. There are a lot of ‘good’ restaurants in Falmouth and Cornwall as a whole, but in a county where ‘better’ and ‘best’ restaurants are beginning to stick out like a sore thumb amongst a sea of general mediocrity – The Hut for me falls slightly short.

Ok that was painful. Not enjoyable to write and I am guessing hardly that entertaining to read. Although I realise that HIC is hardly The Guardian, and that a so-so review on here will mean little to nothing to the future of The Hut, it still makes me feel uncomfortable to slate it however mildly. I would say – give The Hut a go, make your own mind up, it is certainly not bad enough for me to say ‘dont bother.’

Perhaps I should put my less-than-impressedness down to the fact that my meal at The Hut was sandwiched rather morbidly between my finding out about the Norwegian bombing and massacre and the death of Amy Winehouse. Perhaps.


The Hut – 2 Quay Street, Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 3HH. 01326 318 229