…to observe my (oh its Jonathan by the way, nice to meet you) first dip into the glistening waters of food blogging. Exciting times I am sure you will agree.

So. Why a food blog Jonathan? you might ask. Well its very simple, or seems to be the more I think about it. I love food, truly and deeply, with a passion that I feel is sometimes lost on my loved ones and close friends, so a food blog seems the only sensible option to channel this passion into words. Words that I hope you will enjoy.

Ok thats an acceptable answer, but why a Cornish food blog? Another good question. Almost as much as I love food, I love Cornwall. As my adopted home for the last 6 years (6 of the best) I have come to love Cornwall, its people, its countryside, its beaches and most importantly its delicious food. So alongside channeling my passion, I am also going to attempt to channel my love.

So just to summarise this blog will be channeling both my love and my passion.

Actually forget that. That sounds a bit intense – what I am basically going to do is talk about lovely food I have eaten in Cornwall, most likely accompanied by some photos of me smiling awkwardly and a short story about a nice butterfly I saw on the walk home.

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